Jolly Legal Cannabis Unveils Their New Product Lines and Explains Their Quickly-Rising Brand
Saturday, November 5, 2022 at 6:46pm UTC

Phoenix, AZ November 05, 2022 --( It’s a perfect November day in Phoenix. There is a warm breeze in the air as Co-CEOs of Jolly Cannabis Mirza “Sunny” Baig and Zach Gleason are telling us about their upcoming products for the season.

Jolly Cannabis was founded in early January of this year and launched their initial product line in the summer: Delta-9 THC and CBD cartridges and concentrates. They added delicious, fruit-flavored CBD and THC gummies to the lineup in August.

As for their new products, first up is the Delta-9-THC and CBD soft chews. These are chewy, mouthwatering, taffy-like candies infused with Jolly’s proprietary blend that will be available very soon. Sweet ripe Pineapple, mellow Caramel Vanilla and tropical Orange Passion Fruit are the flavors that make up this line.

Closely following the soft-chews will be highly requested Delta-9 THC and CBD vape disposables. These will be available in some of the world’s favorite cannabis strains. Blueberry Diesel, which is a hybrid, will give a fruity, warm day-time buzz. Green Crack, a sativa, has a bright citrus flavor great for waking-and-baking. Do-Si-Dos, similar to Girl Scout Cookies, is a relaxing, sweet Indica – perfect for dessert.

A little later in the year, Jolly Cannabis will be diving into the tincture pool. Following a similar pattern to the disposables, Jolly will be releasing Delta-9 THC and CBD sativa, hybrid and Indica tinctures. With most of Jolly’s products, they aim for a playful, fun vibe. With this line, Jolly is looking to be a little more serious and zone-in on the healing properties of cannabis plants. There is more to come on this line very soon.

Mirza and Zach make it a point to emphasize the quality behind their Delta-9-THC (scientifically known as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). “So, basically, Delta-9 is actually just the most common form of THC in the plant,” says Zach, “and the Delta-9 we use in our products is extracted from hemp plants, specifically.” Jolly blends their hemp-derived Delta-9 with CBD, and the result is their proprietary blend that they use in their products. “Our products are all full panel tested for proper cannabinoid ratios, imperfections, and safety of the consumer,” says Mirza. All of Jolly’s Certificates of Analysis (COAs) are available on their website.

Delta-9 is the most well-known and well-studied chemical compound found in hemp and marijuana plants, which is why Jolly feels comfortable putting it in their products. Zach and Mirza explain why they extract Delta-9-THC from hemp rather than the marijuana plant. The legality of Delta-9-THC can be a bit convoluted; it depends heavily on the source from which it is extracted. Under the 2018 Farm Bill, Delta-9-THC from hemp is legal across the United States. “Pulling the Delta-9 from hemp makes our products more accessible to the consumer in a much safer way... the consumer has a more available, affordable product that is still high-quality,” Mirza states. Zach discusses Delta-8, another chemical compound found in cannabis plants, that has risen in popularity recently, “Delta-8 is less common in cannabis, so it is typically converted from CBD, we really want to keep our products natural and true to the cannabis plant and prefer to extract our cannabinoids.” Jolly wants their consumers to understand the differences in the products they buy and deliver a safe, effective product to them.

Jolly Cannabis really looks to the sky to create fun, quality and most importantly, accessible cannabis products for the average consumer. Their core values are safety and family. Not only does Zach have some of his family members working for the company, he and Mirza want to create a bigger family of the consumers of Jolly products. It seems like they are doing just that, as Jolly’s sales are increasing nearly two-fold every month.

Keep an eye on Jolly’s website for these new releases, especially with the gift-giving season coming up.

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